Newgrounds Zero Hour November Update 2

2015-11-23 10:28:34 by TwinBlazar

I have to make a disappointing announcement.

There is a certain element that disappointed me. I have seen that I can help no longer, not because I don't want to, but because some places are too difficult to reach and some places lack growing grasses. 

Whatever the case, plan B has already been mentioned and suggested, and it still allows this project to be continued given the current assets and resources and remaining time. If Plan A no longer worked for certain key members, then Plan B should be carried out. Sure, the project might not be the same, but this will make it so all will not go to waste. All the resources and assets are still there and Phoenix could still be reborn. However, I will not be the one who reraise the Phoenix. Rather, I hope it will be reraised by the very hand of the rightful origin. If that's the case, then I will be very happy. This will mean the distance has been rightfully satisfied, grasses could finally grow and a man will be able to stand finely and proud of himself. ( * play Undertale OST: 071 - Undertale * )

Anyway, I am no longer in this project and I will take a break for now.



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2015-12-23 07:53:46

sorry to hear youre not working on it anymore.. I could imagine it was a huge undertaking . what you did create was fantastic. great work on that