Sai Amp Mitch -Sept 2016 update

2016-09-13 09:12:55 by TwinBlazar

I've been taking care of some other things needed to be done and put Sai Amp Mitch down for months. Anyway, I am back. See:

I've been thinking about which direction should Sai Amp Mitch take with respect to many factors since back then, but ... let's cut the crap. tl;dr : I wanna make games I wanna make. Period.

Updates (from image above):

1. I have done second prototype for Sai Amp Mitch and is now already uploaded to Newgrounds and is being testplayed by a few people in a closed group. Wanna testplay? PM me.

2. Mitch is now a playable character alongside Sai and Amp. While the girls are more on the psychic side, Mitch is more on the hardware side.

3. Meet Jelliya, an electrifying jellyfish girl that can multiply and summon lightning. Can also attack with her tentacles. She's your new first boss.

4. The game now has Item Inventory system like in RPG game. AuPlauSe suggested me of combining items and crafting system. We'll see how that could go.

5. AuPlauSe also suggested porting the game to mobile. I tried running the second prototype on a few android phones, and I got 30-50 fps. The game could be played without any issue to the end of prototype HOWEVER this game is played on MOGA Pro Power joystick. I believe Touch Control should not be used for this type of game. Also, there are a few technical charades that must be taken care of for experience to be more complete on mobile. I won't promise anything here, but I hope these issues are addressed in the future. I mean, hey, I could already play the game on smartphone with joystick!

6. Also, thanks to the community: I made several new friends and Wubkat ( give me a hand on music. I really appreciate this action and it really motivates me forward with this project.


It's getting late here. Alright, later guys. (^_^)/



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2016-09-18 21:37:14

Cool. Keep up the good work.
P.S. - Only saw this just now, gotta keep up with my feed better ;p

TwinBlazar responds:

Thank you :)


2016-10-19 12:45:18

Looks cool! I missed this in my feed first time around too.

TwinBlazar responds:

Thank you :)