Sai Amp Mitch -Oct 2016 update

2016-10-22 02:26:47 by TwinBlazar

Hi guys, 

1. The second area "Plantain Woods" is pretty much "environmentally" done at this point. We got plantains that fly everywhere when they fall on to the ground so you can go bananas:

2. Plantaina, Boss for Plantain Woods ready to go bananas:

(I realized I have a thing for girls with freckles)

3. I got a mood for drawing yesterday, so I drew this :

4. While Sai Amp could dash around to dodge anything being thrown at them, Mitch now got his shield up. His shield demands more precise control as his shield drains energy rather quickly. I will balance this part some more to make sure it is fun to play and all three characters can shine equally.

5. Sai Amp's ESP: given the twins are psychic, they now can sense their surrounding, inspecting enemies as well as seeing and communicating with ghosts. Mitch cannot see ghost.

See ya!


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