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Current Situation on Sai Amp Mitch 2017

2017-07-29 01:43:18 by TwinBlazar

TL;DR last paragraph.

Sorry that I didn't come here for a long time. Some of you have contacted me about the progress of the game. Thank you for that. I appreciate it.

I will hereby announce this now. I have stopped making the game for a while now. The last stage that I made is an ice stage that only some close people know about. I've also tuned the game some more in term of control and such...

...but at the same time, I feel something is still not right or something is still missing. This is not my first time saying this, of course. I used to say something along this line back then in the time of the first prototype as well - the one that you can only control Sai and Amp but no Mitch, in the dark forest. 

Video game is something I love since I was a kid, and making them is something I love too. Sai Amp Mitch is my 3rd game and I only have a demo for it right now. Back then, I really wish that the game would come out great, but then as time goes by, lots of things happened, and one of the things I realized is even if I finish this game, a small group of people might play it but then after that, they may forget about it. This is something I've been thinking of for a while now, and I know myself that I don't have what it takes to make this go boom right now. And even if it did go boom, how can I sustain this boom before the trend declines? These are some questions that I seek for answers, and I see that the answers reflect certain factual reality. 

This may sound contradictory. Sai Amp Mitch sure might only be appreciated by a small group of people. But from what I said, it's as if I want a bigger fish to fry. And it begs the question, do I still want to do this? I ask myself again and again, and the answer is yes, but somehow, in that "yes", something must be change in order for Sai Amp Mitch to work.

TL;DR, I have stopped making the game Sai Amp Mitch already, and I think in order for Sai Amp Mitch to work, it will have to be something rather different.



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2017-09-11 06:20:44

But it looks like such a promising game! :( I think many people would enjoy it, taking risks to venture out to new gameplay is something more daring developers should do and you've really made some revolutionary titles with the few you've worked on here.

Don't give up! I had a blast playing it. Your games are original and really stand out. You are a prodigy. I love the games you make. Does this mean you're dropping it? Or taking a break and thinking about changing the game? I thought it was fine to be honest.

If you drop this game, what will you do? Challenge the critics! If you keep going, it'll be another masterpiece like your first game was, and NG Zero Hour as well. I believe in you and I wish the best for you. I can't wait to see what you work on next!