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Great job! Everything is so sugar high and upbeat. lol. I like it. <3 ^_^

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Back 10-20 years ago, if I found a game like this, then I would definitely pick it up. Great job with the aesthetics of the game. Your art style got a good signature that gives me an impression of mature version of Yoshi's Island. The art really has a positive charm around it. In fact, it's the reason why I clicked on the game in the front page of Newgrounds.

The character moves quite slow, and it is a bit annoying to move so slow. This pushes me back away from the game. However, when the ghost sibling does some boomerang action, the game draws me back in. Good. I like that ghost sibling. (Yes, I like weird out-of-the-world things)

The music is a bit strange - it adds to that eerie feeling. If that is what you want, then fine.

Level Progression-wise though, I don't see much of "interesting things". You collect lots of items in the first screen, but then... so what? After all these item picking? Then, I came across only a few enemies or two in the next area. The boomerang action and the spinning body shine... for only a brief moment because there are so few enemies. Your characters already have attractive actions but you need to design more creative/interesting context in level design to allow your characters to shine better and brighter to hook the players better in the beginning.

Also, one question though: do you want this to be an action platformer or puzzle platformer?

But other than that, keep up the good work. Your art already pulls me in. ;)

Congratulation for ICS II. This is what you have been making, eh?

I see that you improved upon ICS I further. Great job on that.

Good things:
+ I see that you keep on adding new gimmicks further in later levels to make sure the game does not feel repetitive.
+ However, some of these cooler features seem to come out so slow. Ex. sleeping to turn day into night come into the game like Level 25? That's a bit late, imo. All other levels before the game, we have been trying to survive burning up and out of nowhere, it's... night time. You know, this changes the gameplay, not only in term of functionality, but also in term of aesthetics and experience. I really wish this feature appear in earlier level. This is because all the things I encounter before level 25 are standard run-of-the-mill puzzle platformer features that other puzzle platformers have. Ex. an object that launches you like a spring, switch blocks, etc. But sleeping on the bed to avoid sunburn is the only feature unique to your game and cannot be found anywhere else.
+ Pause menu: Ragequit. I see what you did there. :D
+ Walk into spike does not kill you. Only jumping on spike will kill you. Good job making the spike this way. I approve.

- Sliding issue: Sometimes if you hold the left/right key and hold down, the character will duck and refuse to move. However, on other occasion, the character will move but you cannot jump. Fortunately, the game has only a few places you really need to slide, but sliding sometimes is a bit tricky given which key has been pressed first. Can this be fixed?
- can variable sliding be implemented? Think Megaman game. When you slide, you can release the button prematurely to cancel the slide. Right now, sliding is always 3 blocks away.
- If you slide off the edge, your character can move insanely fast in midair until he reaches the ground. Is this intentional?
- If you burn yourself and run into the walking spike enemies, they will burn. BUT if you get into waterfall to remedy the burn and touch a burning spike enemy, you will still die. Is this intentional? My personal preference is to not do this, but this is up to you.
- Sometimes when so many enemies burn at the same time, many enemies' burning bars will appear to indicate when they will die. Since the bar design is the same as the player's burning bar, I cannot see when I am about to die. I suggest you remove the burning bars for the enemies because they blocks the view.

I wasn't expecting this sort of experience, but oh well, that was a unique Ludum Dare game. :)

Somehow, I don't have anything to criticize. Everything is simple and it just works finely in its own rights. Great job.

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Sticky and Slimy. CUTE stuff. <3 ^_^

Hi! TwinBlazar here. I created video games in the past, but these days, I created a webcomic "Phantasmagorical Life of Sai & Amp" in my free time´╝Ühttp://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/phantasmagorical-life-of-sai-amp-/list?title_no=139960

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