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Stage 2 is almost done, and I will leave this message below. I will unlock it later. :P


Newgrounds Zero Hour: demo is up

2015-10-15 11:15:45 by TwinBlazar

Our demo is up:


So far, we have received some comments about having mouse+keyboard control might be better. We do agreed.

Pico will benefit greatly if he can shoot 360 degrees. In fact, we have just finished implementing mouse+keyboard control today. Pico now shoots at your mouse cursor. 

But configuration needs to be changed a bit. Right now, the up arrow or W makes Pico jump. Left click now shoots. Right click now dashes.

The control is a lot better and the gameplay is a lot more fun. :D Shooting at diagonal 45 degrees is a pain in the ass, but now you can run backward and spray bullets at any angle.

We are finalizing it for any last bug, issue, etc. before uploading soon. Hopefully, we could upload it in several hours.




 PS. this is our next enemy for 2nd stage. 

Fox Girl




And this is one of her attacks:


Screenshots and artworks

I haven't upload the game's screenshot on my side, but check out RealFaction's post,, that's a little something we are working right now.

Here's also promotional poster:

Progress and Team Management

So far, we have began making stage 2. One of the challenges in managing a team for any project is to know the capabilities and manpower of your teammates. The planning is the easier part but the implementation and putting all the pieces together is another story. Can two or three people work concurrently at the same time? Or must one person wait for another before doing something? There is a blurry line here, but if we communicate improperly, we might end up losing time and manpower unneccessarily.

Or what if one teammate is sick and couldn't work? Some time will be lost but obviously, it is neccessary for the teammate to take a good rest to recover. There was one instance, where I was left with unfinished pixel animation of Hanzou. The boss got slashing animation, running animation, idle animation but no jumping animation. I could wait for the jumping animation, but then I figured, I could just go ahead and design a boss fight in such a way that Hanzou does not need to jump... or make it so he jumped... offscreen. If you fight Hanzou in the game, you will see he's functional and all and could even run on the ceiling, but he never jump. And now, you know the reason why. :D

In fact, that day, I told my teammate to just skip the jumping animation and go for other things right away. It saves time that way. :P

Wanna test play?

Currently, we have invited a few folks to testplay the game. Wanna testplay? PM me. ;)


We are about to finish the first stage of the next game. Things are coming along well, although there are lots of unexpected breaks and "sudden" errands that prevent us to develop the game for a few days a few times. (Just like Project Dimentia Bodhisattva)

We got the whole idea and plan written out, we also got a number of musics we can use and our team is getting a bit bigger. I have been doing some pixel jobs for a few weeks and I saw we lacked some mandatory components in game development. One of the things is the core gameplay had not been properly defined yet. Most of the time, during the planning phase, we enjoy our idea on the paper and fantasize it to Alpha Centauri. It is the first essential fuel of the game project, but whether the idea will work or not need to be tested.

Therefore, we need an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to test things out minimalistically with a short amount of time and see if our idea need adjustments or if we need to come up with something else. 

But since our programmer was busy tight with other things and nothing was done on the scripting side, I decided to head on in and tackle on another role myself: I am now taking care of the programming aspect for the project. This is so we can set the gameplay's direction and see how will we proceed from here. Not to mention, this project is due in just a few months. We cannot waste any time. We must do it now. In project management, nasty things always come up and unforeseen prerequisites are often discovered later. So we should get down and dirty as early as possible to discover and tackle such issues out of the way as soon as possible.

So the MVP is implemented and fortunately, thanks to the MVP, we see problems such as keyboard ghosting problem on different keyboards. About 3-4 keys may have to be pressed at the same time given our run n' gun gameplay. (Imagine holding up right and shooting while jumping). If this is a console game, we would not worry about it, as those joysticks are designed to accept multiple inputs at once. Keyboard, on the other hand, may only take in 2-3 simultaneous key inputs at once. This is all different from one keyboard to another, and also depends on different regions of each keyboard. But we think we found a certain sweet region that allows holding 2 arrow keys + 2 other keys simultaneously for all keyboards - hopefully, it will work for all keyboards. But if not, I have already done the script for the joystick input for an alternative possible solution.

In addition, with the MVP, we can sort of agree on a core gameplay, and we have proceeded to create a few rooms for the first stage, as well as inserting the appropriate music and sound effects. In fact, stage 1 should be done in a week or two, I believe. (given there are always unexpected events) 

However I am also still doing some pixels. We got a very very nice pixel artist in our team who is better than me. But the pixel artist also got a lot on his hand for this project too, so when I see it is appropriate to lend him a hand, I will change my role. 

Right now, I am pretty much the "director" leading the project and also doing scripting, some pixel arts, designing enemy's behaviors, designing gameplay, managing sound effects, etc. I really wish we got more people into the team though, but still, the state of the project is already a lot better than the first few weeks when it was started. We got stuff that we can actually show right now and not just idea on paper.

In fact, soon, we will probably be inviting some playtesters to test things out. 

TwinBlazar (^_^)(^o^)

Next Projects

2015-08-14 10:46:07 by TwinBlazar

It has been a month that Project Dimentia Bodhisattva is up. 

So.............. *drum rolls*

Next projects coming up.

- - project 1 (collaborated)

I am now developing a game with some new friends. The project is classified and huge, and we want to pull it off by the beginning of next year. But we will be needing some serious helping hands here, so we are looking for the following:

Pixel Artists, Sprite Artists... if you wanna show your pixels to the world, now is your chance! Message me if you are interested. :)

Programmers... if you have experience working on web games, using Flash or Construct 2, and want to try collaborating on this project, message me. :)

Right now, I will not say what this project is about, but I will announce it when the time is right.

- - Project 2 (personal)

Sequel, prequel to Dimentia Bodhisattva or something new? 

I do have several ideas that I would like to bring them to life, but at the same time, I want to make games using less amount of time. Dimentia Bodhisattva took 1.5 years (spent 0-3 hours each day) and that is a very long time. I have only 0-3 hours per day available for this hobby, so if I could find a way to make and release the games faster, it would be great.

Right now, I am still thinking how could this be done, but if I could release something new every 3-4 months, this would be good. Impossible or not, we will see about that. 

There are lots more to be thought before Project 2 can be executed. Also Project 1 will have to be finished first before Project 2 is a go.

1. Bug fixed: in Sky Chasm's Low gravity room, if the jump key is set to a key other than SHIFT in key configuration, Aqua will NOT be able to perform SUPER HIGH JUMP to proceed further in this stage. This has been fixed.

2. Rare bug fixed: a possibility that a mini Cleo Patra Forker could spawn forks when the game is paused.

3. Audio: Nisha's smooching sound could be very loud in the first fight when multiple Nisha are smooching. Audio Normalized.

4. The game now checks in the beginning whether it is running webgl. If not, it will display an error message on title screen.

5. Intuitivity: the text regarding dialogue progression in the first meet Little Salmon scene now blinks a bit to catch some attention.

Project Dimentia Bodhisattva V.1.1

2015-07-19 11:21:48 by TwinBlazar

EDIT: V1.1 is now up.

I have been receiving quite a number of complains from non-QWERTY keyboard users as the game is completely unplayable on their non-QWERTY keyboard as well as several users who wish to have rebindable keys, so the next version V.1.1 will allow you to rebind the key configuration as you pleased.

Check this screenshot for the configuration:

You can rebind the key in the Pause Menu. Hit Tab to switch between combo list and keyboard configuration. On keyboard configuration page, hit SHIFT+C. You can now choose which key do you want to rebind with arrow key UP and DOWN. Simply press any key you wish to replace the old key with the new key. If you choose a key that is already used for another action, the game will play an error sound. Once you are satisfied with your control scheme, hit ESC. Then, resume game.

HOWEVER, the keys for cutscenes skipping and confirm/cancel on other occasions are still their default SHIFT+X and Z/ESC or Z/X respectively.

Also, Thanks to how save game works in this game, the keyboard's configuration is saved along with the game's saved data. This also effectively means they are not interchangeable between different save slots.

Unfortunately, if you change the configuration and you die before you reach a checkpoint, the game will reload the previous checkpoint, which contains the older configuration. Hopefully, checkpoints are plentiful enough such that this won't be much of an issue.

I will try to quadruple check for remaining possible errors and bugs before uploading this updated version. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 

If any more bugs/glitches are found, please PM me.