Sai Amp Mitch

2016-03-30 04:57:31 by TwinBlazar

Hi guys,

I've been making a new game called "Sai Amp Mitch". The name of the game is basically the name of 3 protagonists put together:

Sai & Amp: a pair of psychic conjoined twins who go on a journey to discover who and what they are.

Mitch: A man that Sai and Amp encountered while he is covered in blood.


I have been making this game for a while now. Currently,

Stage 1: First stage is pretty much 70% done at this point. What remains is possibly the boss. This time, I felt the stage is a lot shorter than Dimentia's stages, but this is ok. I got several comments on Dimentia's stages being way too long. This time, the stage will be shorter. If it's too short, I wouldn't mind making a stage longer later.

Sai & Amp's Attacks: It has been decided that Sai and Amp will be Psychic Conjoined Twins and can throw enemies around with their psychokinesis. To make things more interesting, see , ...yes, that's Amp kissing Sai.  :P  One twin can transfer her psychic power to another by kissing her twin's cheek, combining their psychic power and "launch" enemies with great force to their desired direction. They can ram enemies on to the ground, wall, ceiling or to other enemies.

Sai & Amp's Private Chat: Being Psychic Conjoined Twins, the twins can communicate with each other telepathically and know what one another is thinking. They do not and cannot hide anything from each other. From time to time, they will talk telepathically to each other and these telepathic communication will appear right on to the game's screen. An example can be seen at


Some more screenshots:


All righto. Later, guys,




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2016-03-30 05:53:47

Seems interesting. Is it going to be on NG ?

TwinBlazar responds:

I definitely want it on NG. ;)


2016-03-30 08:22:39

Awesome, I'll be eagerly awaiting this. Just, if possible, please make the save system use cookies and not localstorage so there aren't save issues in this one.

(Updated ) TwinBlazar responds:

Sure thing. I will do what I can for those data issues. :)