Sai Amp Mitch -May Update 2: Redirection

2016-05-24 02:42:22 by TwinBlazar

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Currently I have a mixed feeling toward Sai Amp Mitch, although it's just a hobby. I have a feeling that the game needs something more in order for it to succeed. I could keep on creating more things and stuff for the game, but if I do that, would I not end up having another Dimentia simply reskinned?

Creating the game (a.k.a. product) is only half the battle. If I end up creating a product that nobody cares, then all those sweats in each night will be for nothing. The other half battle lies within marketing side. 

So I have been talking with a few people. I could see that in Dimentia, there are 2 types of players: 

1. People who play the game because of the "clone". Let's call this group "clone lover".

2. People who play the game because of the game mechanic. Let's call this group "gamer".

Sometimes a player could fall into 2 categories at the same time.

"Clone lover" likes Cleo Patra and Sky Chasm the most for obvious reason... the stage is filled with multiplying bee girls. However, the Rotten Pinnacle stage and Hell Summit stage have negative impact on them, because things are quite dark. "Clone lover" also sometimes couldn't execute certain action moves validly but fortunately, the game allows other ways to eliminate the obstacle without mastering everything.

"Gamer", on the other note, is ok with any stages, and a few did clear the game at 100% rate. "Gamers" can and know how to execute action moves without much issues and some see through certain element that allows them to exploit and run rampage through the whole game.

Dimentia is pretty much a quirky game that doesn't make much sense and doesn't have that much plot. At that time, I made the game out of pure feeling alone and not much of any reasoning. It is a hobby after all. 

But from the players, I can see that at this day of age, it is not really much about the game, is it? I feel it's more about the community. Video games used to be about a local activity, given the retro technology. But today, things change. So too, must games be changed. Why do we have tons of hats in Team Fortress 2, millions of variety of user generated contents for Minecraft and ocean of Touhou fanmade contents? 

What would happen to Sai Amp Mitch? I would say something is needed to be changed once again. This is ok though. I believe I am still missing many elements that make the game work. Obviously, I am not talking about art, programming, music or game design. I am talking about other factors that have an impact and flow around the community. 

Let me go see some more things first and see how will I go from here.



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2016-05-26 08:40:51

I loved Dimentia because it was a fun game that was obviously made with a lot of love.
I'm sure that your next game will also be great as long as you give it as much love as Dimentia.
Stay awesome.

TwinBlazar responds:

Sure thing. :)


2016-06-09 20:12:21

I agree with Iwyz, Dimentia was awesome because you could feel all the love and devotion put into the game, and there was something that could appeal too all tastes. Are you going to get a game that can appeal to everyone? Nope. I'm not that big about minecraft, even with all it's hundreds of mods. I don't care for hats in TF2 either. It's good to go around and see what people like and don't like, but if you put honest and loving effort into your creation, you will find a community who will love it. Really it's just a roll of the dice with everything made. (perfect example: Undertale, until it's official release I never heard of it, then it suddenly exploded so hard that if you havn't heard of it then you may have won a lottery)

TwinBlazar responds:

Thank you for your comment. I will see how I will go from here. :)