Sai Amp Mitch Demo is up

2016-12-10 00:55:59 by TwinBlazar

Play the game at 

and if you would like to support me, feel free to go to for Steam Greenlight,

as well as supporting me via . Donating at least $10 will net you Deluxe Steam Key which contains the game and the soundtrack when the game is completed in full version.



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2017-01-12 00:18:21

Simply amazed by your previous game, Project Dimentia Bodhisattva, and this new one is looking great too. Will definitely vote for greenlight, and definitely buy when it comes out!

TwinBlazar responds:

Thank you for your comment. \(^_^)(^_^)/


2017-02-24 16:55:25

And what about Zero Hour?